"Hannibal Rising" Has a Rising Star

Genres: Suspense/Horror, Thriller, Adaptation and Sequel
Running Time: 117 min.
Release Date: February 9th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for strong grisly violent content and some language/sexual references. Distributors: MGM Distribution Company, The Weinstein Company

Directed by: Peter Webber

JJ Rating: A-

Hannibal Lector had a family who tried to hide from the Nazis. What happens is horrible and all that is left is Hannibal. He grows up and decides he’s going to exact revenge on the men that caused a horrible incident. Hannibal Rising is the beginning of the Hannibal Lector people know in Silence of the Lambs.

This is not the kind of movie that I actually like to go and see. I was just interested in the movie because I wondered how the character Hannibal Lector came to be. This story explains that and I think it does it quite well.

There are not a lot of death and horror moments. There is more story and talking than action and blood spilling. So if you expect there to be some sort of horror like movie then this is not the movie for you. It’s more along the lines of an intellectual thriller with horrific moments here and there. The horror moments are decent but I’m no expert. There is one scene that had me cringe a bit. It was when Hannibal got his first taste of blood. Ick.

I really liked Gaspard Ulliel. He has a dimple on the left side of his face. The camera angle always seemed to shoot from the left side to show off the dimple. I’m sure girls might find that attractive but for the movie he had this look that caused that dimple to be more menacing than attractive. Whenever that dimple would show it was more of a frightful thing than it is something to go aww about. Ulliel was a very good Hannibal. He had the look that was like, “You think I did it but you’re not sure” and he showed that a lot when the police questioned him.

The movie is a tad slow in moving and not very fast paced. For some reason this go around it did not bother me at all and I think that it added to the greatness of the movie.That is one of the things that always amazed me about the character was his polite nature. I liked how Hannibal was well spoken and polite and how he expected other people to be the same even though he would slice people up.

I enjoyed the movie a little more than I had anticipated. I’m not sure if one likes the others if they would like this movie as well. I mean I’m not a huge fan of the entire ideal of Hannibal Lector like some might be but I don’t see how this movie could be a disrespect to the character in any way. I will not buy the movie. I will most likely watch it again because I do really like how Ulliel acted. I hope to see him in another movie

Hannibal Rising was an entertaining movie. I went with that in mind and I had a good time seeing it even though this is not the type of movie I rush out to see. It was worth seeing to see how Hannibal came to be and I have to say that I almost don’t blame him for becoming who he did become though I would never take a bite of human flesh no matter what happened in my past. That’s just gross.

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