The Drama of Kim Kardashian

Question: Who the hell is Kim Kardashian?

Answer: Nobody. Absolutely nobody.

According to Wikipedia, Other than being the 26 year old daughter of dead OJ Simpson defense attorney Robert Kardashian, and stepdaughter to Olympic champion Bruce Jenner, her biggest claim to fame is being a friend to Paris Hilton.

Seriously. That's it.

So why would anyone give a rats ass about some stupid sex tape with her in it? I really don't know.

But yet, here we are.

Porn distributor Vivid video says it has paid $1-million to acquire rights to the tape featuring Kim and her then boyfriend, hip hop star Ray J. (Brandy's little brother)

The company said the DVD titled "Kim Kardashian Superstar" will be in stores February 28th. It will also be available online on the same day at or and will include additional footage not on the DVD.

Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch said the company obtained the video from a third party but did not identify the person or entity. "We are comfortable that we have the legal right to distribute this video, despite what others may say," says Hirsch.

But attorneys for Kardashian plan to file a lawsuit anyway to stop the release of the tape featuring Kardashian and Ray J, knocking boots.

So a nobody, who knows a nobody, fucked a nobody who is related to a barely-somebody and is now making a big stink about a videotape that they probably sold to Vivid in the first place.

And in the meantime, Kardashian's 15 minute clock has picked up speed.

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Anonymous said...

Alright, I've seen the trailer for the Kim Kardashian sex tape, and she looks damn good.

The thing that surprised me though was just how big her butt is. I wasn't expecting that. But's it was definately worth taking a look.

As of 02/09/2007 the trailer can be seen at (NSFW).

Have fun.

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