Dawkins Site Hacked

It's safe to say that outspoken Atheist, Richard Dawkins isn't a friend of the ivory tower, bible-pounder community. Which is to say that despite scientific reason, logic and advances in modern philosophy, Atheism is still regarded as the great evil by close minded religious zealots.

As Dawkins put it, "Religion is about turning untested belief into unshakable truth through the power of institutions and the passage of time."

And despite the bible telling people to not be complete idiots, the people will find a way.

Found through reddit was this recent posting on the site LiberalsMustDie.com

Thanks to my tech friends at The Heritage Foundation, we have powned another liberal website.

http://richarddawkins.net/ has basically been down all day!!! OH YEA, big up to Jesus!

Maybe THAT will teach you to be an atheist!!!

Yeah, big up to cyberterrorism. Yeah boy you really "powned" him. We are sure that because your genius friends at the Heritage Foundation managed to crash his website Dawkins will see the error of his ways, toss aside all that proven scientific knowledge and instead believe that some old guy who sits on a cloud created the universe in seven days. Big up to Jesus.

Still, the comments in the website about this act are rather entertaining.

NOTE: We hear word that LiberalsMustDie is actually a parody site used just to incite flame wars. If so, GOOD JOB GUYS.

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