Chewbacca Arrested: "Nobody tells this wookie what to do."

If you've ever been to Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, you've no doubt seen the pathetic collection of costumed characters posing for pictures in front of the legendary tourist trap. Most of these folks sport homemade costumes that look like they haven't been washed in a few months. But the tourists, being the simple-minded folks they are - desperate for some memorable moment to commemorate their visit to Tinseltown - love to cozy up and get their picture taken with some guy in black leotards and a Halloween Batman mask and call it a celebrity sighting.

The city has been working to control the number of unofficial characters that prance in front of Sid Garuman's altar to excess, but not before ol' Chewie decided to butt in. Literally.

The LA Times reports that one street performer, 44 year old Frederick Evan Young dressed as the Star Wars wookie head-butted a tourguide.
The Star Line Tours guide, Brian Sapir, said in an interview today that the Chewbacca character was harassing two young Japanese tourists when he told him to stop. "You could see him exploding in his mask," Sapir said. "He said, 'Nobody tells this wookie what to do."

Young then threw his mask off and head-butted him, Sapir added.

A police source said that a performer dressed as Superman witnessed the assault and was interviewed by police. He was not identified.
So we guess the man of steel was too much of a pussy to break up the altercation... but can you imagine what that scene must have looked like? If there was a scene like this in a movie we all would be laughing that its too unrealistic.

Leave it to Hollywood to provide something larger than life.

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live

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