Britney vs the Paparizzi

Amid the blury haze of a post Oscar night exorbitance, I came to the realization that we haven't really written too much about this A-list of train wrecks lately. Mostly because I really don't care whether she shaved her head and yo-yo'd in and out of some luxury resort rehab. I don't care about her, her stupid kids, her gold-digging, no-talent yokle husband, her drinking habits or drinking buddies, close ups of her puke her c-section scar or who she may or may not be fucking this weekend. She has solidified herself as a shining star of the Trollop Trifecta. She being given WAY too much public attention and is really just not worth giving a shit over. She has become a piercing beacon to the universe of just how fucked-up and silly "American culture" really is.

So why do I sit here and mention her tonight? Because once I saw this latest work from my favorite artist,14, whose art we have fondled in the past here at the Morgue, I knew I just had to post it here.

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