Blogger Sued Over Aniston Photo

That picture of Jennifer Aniston topless has been streaking around the net for a little while now, which means its time to let the lawsuits fly.

Caught in the web is our old pal PerezHilton, who ended up getting his ass sued by Universal City Studios for posting the pic on his site. We don't remember seeing the photo on there, but then again, we don't spend that much time reading that site, anyway.

According to the complaint posted on the Smoking Gun, Universal City Studios is claiming copyright infringement against Perez Hilton (real name: Mario Lavandeira):
The lawsuit against Lavandeira, 28, seeks an injunction barring further distribution of the picture and requests a court order "directing the U.S. Marshall to seize" the copyrighted material from the blogger. The complaint does not specify monetary damages.
The photo, which is a frame of a scene from the movie "The Break Up" was carefully cropped in the final print of the film, but an un-cropped image was somehow nabbed from the editing room floor and being shopped around to various outlets in early February. This shot was ultimately published by the French magazine "Choc," and then scanned onto the net, which is how most people have seen it.

Aniston's lawyers are very good at bitch slapping anyone trying to cash in on their client's rather nice rack and have twice sued to keep shots of her out of the press. We're not sure why they are not going after "Choc," who originally published the photo and instead have decided to turn their attention to Perez.

To his credit, Perez - who is known for putting what looks like graffiti drawn by a 3-year-old on top of his celeb pics - is not mentioning it at all on his site, except to say that on the day the lawsuit was filed, the site received 5.38 million page views.

(waitaminute...5.38 million? holy shit! I get an erection if I get over 200 hits in a day and this glittering glamster is getting over five million?)

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