"Because I Said So" Is Good Because...Well That Goes Without Saying...

Genres: Comedy
Release Date: February 2nd, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual content including dialogue, some mature thematic material and partial nudity.
Distributors: Universal Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Michael Lehmann

JJ Rating: A

A mother and three daughters are really close. They call each other on the phone and talk about mostly everything. Two of the daughters marry, which left only one. This one is hounded by the mother about her past relationships and what man she needs. The mother says her opinion loudly and sometimes uses the phrase, “Because I said so.”

Because I Said So is a great relationship comedy that has situations that people could relate to. Who doesn’t think they have an over bearing mother? What mother doesn’t think her kids need to listen to her? Even if you are a male and are usually dragged to chick flicks don’t wince too much because this one is not wince worthy. You just might actually like it. Though I’m sure admitting that isn’t going to get you a grunt from the Monday Night Football crew. Though stating Mandy Moore is hot just might.

Diane Keaton has fantastic gestures that add another awesome layer to the movie and her character. Her being paired up with Mandy Moore creates a wonderful ambiance. Keaton’s quirky acting with Moore’s bashful unsure acting made the movie that much more enjoyable. The script is great but those two added something the script did not have and it made the movie more than just words.

I’m sure I could lose, or lose more, masculine points for not only liking the movie but wanting to buy it. It touches on three good points: A mother’s love, a mother letting go and one I personally love finding someone that just gets you while everyone else might be dumb founded.

Because I Said So might seem like it gave away a few things in the trailer but rest assured that in the movie there are a couple of little surprises that they left out. The people that created the trailer did a great job of keeping the movie in the theater and not showing all its goods when the trailer aired.

If you like sweets this movie might make you want to eat. There are a lot of sweets being shown in the movie but mainly just very artistic cakes. I wanted to jump in the screen and have me a bite of a few cakes I saw. I’m a food lover so I don’t really discriminate too much.

The humor is situational along with being witty. There’s mild use of vulgarity but nothing major so mainly it’s just physical, situational and witty humor. To me it makes the movie that much more enjoyable because I don’t need vulgarity to laugh. That makes this movie kid friendly. Of course there are two scenes in which use the names of the male and female body parts but their use isn’t vulgar. It’s factual usage.

One of my favorite scenes is with Moore and Keaton. Keaton is staying over at Moore’s house because she’s sick and the moment that they share was touching. I like another scene when Moore says how much she talks and how she doesn’t think anyone gets her and then her love interest states that he does.

Because I Said So is a simple well done movie that gives what it promises in the trailer and that is a story about a mother who is living through her daughter and a daughter who is just trying to figure out how to live. Now you don’t have to see the movie because I said so—though that would be nice considering it would make me an awesome smart person. That just goes to show that no one would see it because I said so because they wouldn’t want to make me an awesome person. Sad I know. So see the movie because it’s worth the money more so than most movies that are out right now and that is because I said so. HA!

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