Another Employee Steps Forward to Vent about World Voice

Yet another former employee of World Voice (AKA USA Voice) has stepped up and complained about the company's shady operation. Sadly, his story is not unique. Thousands of people who responded to the company's blitz of job postings on various job search sites are now in the same boat.

Since USA Voice went online last year, not one employee has been paid for their work. The've been told many reasons why this is the case, but it seems that the standard M.O. for the way these scammers operate is by stringing its employees along, giving them one excuse after another while simply ignoring the growing flood of angry complaints along the way.

Meanwhile, the company continues to generate thousands of hits per day to its website, while also compiling a database of every email address registered at the site.

Read on and stay informed.

In August of 2006 I was contacted by email from a company that called itself USA Voice online newspaper, that was hiring reporters for their new online newspaper. I was told that although I have no journalistic skills that I would be perfect for an investigative and crime reporter with the newspaper. I was then instructed to be available for a telephone interview on Tuesday September 5, 2006. Which we were instructed to call the number provided and to log on to the USA Voice site as well and enter a series of codes for employment with the paper. I was thanked for participating in the interview and was told that I could start submitting stories within 3 business days.

I waited a week and heard nothing I could log onto the USA Voice site and load pictures and add names to a mailing list of people to receive the articles that I wrote for USA Voice, during that time I submitted numerous services tickets on the USA web site, trying to find out what the problem was and when I would be able to start submitting stories for the newspaper. These as well as emails to the administrative staff at USA Voice/ World Voice went unanswered.
On November 17, 2006 I received an email from a Rick that said that I was hired, welcome aboard and I could start submitting stories to the newspaper. I was told that pay days were the 10th of each month. I was also asked to complete a W-9 and send it to the newspaper's corporate office at 1425 K St. NW Suite 350, Washington, DC 20005. Which I printed the form completed the form and mailed it to the newspaper using priority mail.

From November 17, 2006 until January 30, 2007 I submitted 114 stories to the newspaper, I sent an email in December inquiring about my payroll to a and never received a response from him.

During that period I received numerous email's from individuals who said that USA Voice was a fraud. I sent "Rick" an email, about the email's that I had received. And he told me that these were disgruntled former employees that had been terminated from USA Voice who were trying to bring the newspaper down.

In January I sent a couple of email's regarding payroll and never received an answer from "Rick". On or about February 15, 2007 I inquired about payroll again and was told that the checks were being prepared and to double check my address on the profile page to make sure it was correct to receive my check.

As of this date I haven't received any money from USA Voice who changed their name to World Voice, after an article came out about them in the Washington Post. I found out that the address USA Voice/ World Voice is using belongs to Newt Gingrich who has never heard of USA Voice or World Voice news. One of the phone numbers that they use is in Washington, D.C. and the other is an Orlando Florida number, which both go to an answering machine.

Also,on Tuesday February 20, 2007 I received an email from a Richard Thomas who said he was the new managing editor for USA Voice/ World Voice, and they were having a telephone conference on Wednesday February 21, 2007 at 1 PM central time for a story about the allegations that had been raised against USA Voice /World Voice News and how they were going to respond in an editorial story to refute the allegations. Along with a telephone number and a series of codes that were to be entered after the number had been dialed, also Thomas said "if they were any disruptions during the call that the call would be terminated", "this was a chance for USA Voice/ World Voice reporters to offer their input for the story". This time the company used a Texas telephone number used for conference calls by various companies.

Yesterday, I tried to log onto the USA Voice/ World Voice web site and was denied access to the site saying I was not a registered user for the web site. Today, I filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, and urge anyone else that has had dealings with USA Voice/ World Voice to contact the Internet Crime Center and file a complaint as well.

The only time that "Rick" responded to any of my email's were when I had formatting or other problems with submitting a story. When I would send an email concerning payroll, I never received an answer from them.

To those who are thinking of working for USA Voice / World Voice News, don't do it. I submitted 114 stories from November 17, 2006 until I stopped writing on January 30, 2007 and have yet to see the first dollar for any work that I completed for them.


niteraider said...

USA Voice/ World Voice hires reporters to work for them until they complain about their salary.
They are then locked out of USA Voice/ World Voice's network and then USA Voice/ World Voice brings in new people who write for them until they inquire about their pay, then, they too are locked out of USA Voice/ World Voice News website.
I urge anyone that has been defrauded by this website to contact the Internet Crime Center and file a complaint against USA Voice/ World Voice.
Unless people contact the authorities and help to shut this site down they will continue their practice of defrauding people, who are looking for employment. They also request their employees to have a dedicated telephone line that is only for the use of the newspaper and to be answered USA Voice/ World Voice News.
In addition to wanting their reporters to furnish credit card information, to purchase business cards so that the person looks like a legitimate reporter. I never ordered the business cards to find out if that is a scam as well.
Roger Cotterman

Robert said...

I got this one offering me an "Administrative Assistant" posistion, and two similar emails from two more "different" companies; and

Both of these send almost identical emails from I knew they were crap when I first saw them, something about it wasn't right.

Anonymous said...

I too was contacted by I completed the online application and was then sent the following email:

Dear Kimberly,

I have received your online application for the position that you completed. WorldVoice is poised to become the largest peer-to-peer news organization in the world by providing local news from local reporters.

I feel that you may be qualified for our opening for the Administrative Assistant position. WorldVoice is offering a highly competitive compensation package as well as worldwide exposure.

Before making a final decision, I need to receive further information. Please login to our website at using the following:

Username: xxxxxxxx
Password: xxxx

Once you have logged in please complete the application.

We are delighted that you are interested in joining our organization and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm Regards,
Kyle Stone
WorldVoice News

Click here to be removed from any future employment notifications.

I completed the application prior reading the posted comments.

Anonymous said...

I was contacted by Email from the World Voice News the scamer web site to be their General Business writer with salary of up to $30 an hour. requiring me to click on the link fill up application form. Email originated from and they found my contact info on web site. I replied to email but it bounced back. Then that raised my suspicion and start searching internet for their names to see if it associated with any scams and vala... yep they are. People who read this must complain to the Online Job postings as well as Internet Crime authorities. I believe the scam is even larger than life as they may be selling SSN from w9 forms that they collected for identity scam. Luckily I noticed the scam early which is actually very hard to spot. Could this be FBI matter as well ? Just make sure if you are reading this do something about these thieves and report them to whoever you can get your hands on.


Internet dude

Dawn in Memphis said...

Well, I've been contacted by WorldVoice, and took a few moments to find out a bit more. So thanks for making this info public. Has anyone also been contacted by The wording of the solicitation was very similer, as were the websites dedicated to prove toospoiled is not a scam. Just thought I'd add that to the mix as well.

Anonymous said...

I got my World Voice News career email today based on my monster resume for a Web Developer role. Good thing i looked it up online with the search string "World Voice News." Immediately the word SCAM was associated with it, then i altered my search looking for specifics, and found this. Great and much needed post, thank you.


Anonymous said...

I just received my job offer from World Voice today. My offer was to be an editor. Since I don't have any professional writing experience, I knew the offer was a scam, but figured I'd look up World Voice anyway. The funny thing is, apparently they really do need an editor! If you read the World Voice articles provided in the sponsorship links (the truth about world voice, what is world voice, etc), you will see a ton of typos! Any news site that reports on the legitimacy of their own operation, but can't even get their own spelling right can't be that legitimate after all!

Anonymous said...

I recieved my offer to apply for an Advertising Exec. position with Same format as everyone else but one difference; they called me. I wasn't home at the time so my husband told them to call back. I got the e-mail the next day but no phone call. I'm sooo happy I wasn't home. It gave me a chance to research them and find out about their scam. I replied to the e-mail and told them to never contact me again.
My resume was on so I'll be contacting them as well as the other agencies in the above posts.
Did anyone else get a phone call?
Just curious.

Anonymous said...

WVN website registration information for can be found here: Network Solutions

The Better Business Bureau has information about WVN for these two phone numbers: (202)742-8981 and

Lastly, there is a good article with a weak rebuttal by an unpaid WVN "reporter" here: Ripoff Report

Anonymous said...


The address given on the WVN website is for this company

Jennifer said...

I also received the emails from World Voice and Too Spoiled. One other one that is identical is called Good Grades Now. They emailed me asking me to be a tutor. Since I am a teacher, I signed up for it. Has anyone heard about that one?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information. I was also contacted by World Voice and thought something was strange, your information confirmed that for me....

Anonymous said...

Yes Good Grades Now as well as World Voice News contacted me through email and their formats for application were the same... which was weird. But i applied anyway. Looks like i'll be turning them down when they call!! Thanks for the input people! I guess we will all do a little research on the next job offering in our inbox!

Taz said...

Dear Dawn in Memphis,
I too was contacted by Toospoiled and by world news. I recognized Toospoiled as a scam right off, and was iffy about world news, so I looked up w.n. using my search engine and found this (by the way thanks everybody for confirming my suspitions).Note:never use the link listed in the e-mail,naturally it's going to lead u to what looks like a ligitamate site!

Anonymous said...

My recent emails include offers from USA Voice, Too Spoiled, eBandsearch and one called Simple Decisions after having posted a resume on .

I believe that they are just fronts for organized crime phishing for Social Security numbers for use in Credit Fraud.

If you accept the position and provide them your W-9, they have all the info they could ever wish to sell for ID theft purposes.

Good jobs don't grow on trees, or the net for that matter. Good jobs are SERIOUS decisions and should not be entered into lightly.

Fortunately I resisted the urge to bite. They did make the job sound great at a time when I truly could use a great job.

Keep the faith!

Don't let the leeches get you down!!

Anonymous said...

I just got an invitation to apply for a position @ WVN. Curious to find out what the rest of the world thought about this company I googled them. To my amazement there is nothing positive about them. Here is the call back # that they left on my voicemail @ home. Her name is Emmy and her # is 213-325-3205

The Judge said...

213 is Southern California, so it may be an editor for WVN and not the company directly. They might be using the editors to help build their credibility with the local community.

I would still avoid them at all costs, but it wouldnt hurt to call the number and find out more.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I fell for this stupid World Voice News scam! They just happened to get me when I was coming home from the bar, lucky A-holes! I mean why would any legit company care who your cell phone provider is or if you are interested in earning a higher degree. Also may I say that the writing on this page is terrible! It is like a 3rd grade student newspaper. Since this time I have received between 3 to 10 pieces of junk mail a day ever since. I can not tell you the amount of times that I have won the lottery in England or had some poor old rich lady dying of cancer want to give me 5 million dollars. So this is what I have started doing.

Once I receive one of these BS offers I immediately go the World Voice News careers site and enter either the senders email address or the one that I am supposed to give my life story to. If they are dumb enough to actually provide a phone number, even better! Then they also need some info on achieving a high education or starting their own business.

This World Voice News scam is not the only one I use though. I have a plethora of BS job offer I can send there info to, depending on how pissed of I am that day. One even tries to appeal to my sensitive side, saving animals and stuff, bastards!
I am not sure how much of a dilemma that I am causing these people? It is just nice to think that I am turning them against each other. I guess you could call me evil but it does not even compare to these people playing on peoples weak side like this, just so that they may earn some little profit!

Just a thought though.

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