"Amazing Grace" How Great It Was

Genres: Art/Foreign, Drama, Thriller and Politics/Religion
Running Time: 1 hr. 51 min.
Release Date: February 23rd, 2007 (limited)
MPAA Rating: PG for thematic material involving slavery, and some mild language. Distributors: Samuel Goldwyn Films, Roadside Attractions

Directed by: Michael Apted

JJ Rating: A

Amazing Grace is set in the 18th-century England where a young William Wilberforce is part of a very set in their ways Parliament. He puts up a fight to end slavery that lasts several years but no matter the opposition he would not give in or give up. He fought for what he believed to be right.

Ioan Gruffudd is a good actor. He has that dignified touch in his acting. It’s very rough and pure at the same time. He is in Fantastic Four as Mr. Fantastic and he was a perfect choice for that role. In this role he does a phenomenal job. He had me believing he was William Wilberforce. I love the Fantastic Four but I totally forgot he was Mr. Fantastic.

William Wilberforce is a great name. It’s fun to say. It rolls right off the tongue. It’s got that great ring to it. It’s the perfect name to have to show presences. It’s a name that should not be forgotten for the great efforts in which he put forth and the great chances in which he caused.

Amazing Grace was informative as should a movie that is about history be. It’s good that it was informative and close to how things occurred. A movie that teaches history is more powerful than one that is just action packed. Learning while being entertained is what makes movies great. I have to admit that I did not know all there was to know about what was going on in England at the time so I learned something and I suppose that’s a good thing.

Watching movies that are period pieces I’ve learned that women’s clothing seems to evolve through out history more so than men’s. The clothing that women wear back then would not be something that women could wear now without some sort of giggling going on behind their backs. But the clothing that men were wearing back then would be fine today…to a point. I’m just saying there’s not a huge drastic change in what men wear then than what they wear now. It’s just like prom. Women’s dresses always are changing but men always have the tux. There’s nothing more than just the tux. Maybe more pretty buttons or a different cut here or there but it still ends up being tux-ish.

I learned that British people solved the slavery issue via laws and the Americans solved it by a bloody Civil War. It shows who was more civil during that time. I just found that amusing.

Albert Finney played John Newton and he is the writer who wrote Amazing Grace. Newton was on a slave ship that was about to sink and he prayed that God save them and when they got through the storm alright he was converted though he continued with his slave trading. He did, however, years later have a change of heart in that area and decided to fight to abolish slavery. Finney did a great job. I love that part in the trailer where he states something like “was blind and now I see” and asking if he wrote that. Wilberforce said yes. That is also one of my favorite parts.

I liked the movie. It was good. I would think that if you love history you would find this movie to be a good watch. It was not boring so that should be in the plus end. I know of boring history movies. I also believe I’ll be buying this movie and add it to my collection. I love history so I’m really happy that this movie was what I expected.

Amazing Grace even had in the movie Amazing Grace. They sung it a couple of times. I like the love story that was in there too. Wilberforce had good friends looking after his well being. He had a lot of help and they gave him a love interest to help him out and it worked. People cannot do things on their own they need as much help as they can get from other people so it’s great to see that occurring. He might have fought the hardest to get a law passed to stop slavery but he could not have done so without his circle of friends.

Amazing Grace is amazing indeed. See it and I’ll bet you want to sing Amazing Grace afterwards and then you’ll get annoyed and wish it out of your head….catch tune. I know…it’s been haunting me the last couple of days on and off again. Amazing grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me…see GOSH!

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