Adrianne Curry Slams Next Top Model

This barely qualifies as a trainwreck of the week, but its been a slow week and I've been too busy to care.

Adrianne Curry, who was the season one winner on "America's Next Top Model" ranted in her myspace blog (Jesus, do people still use that? That's SO 2006) about how she really feels about the show.

She was commenting on a recent article about what American Idol "star" Jennifer Hudson said about the working conditions on the show: "On American Idol, you go through this mental thing; you've got to get yourself back together. You've been abused, misled and brainwashed to believe whatever they want you to think."

Curry, seeing this opportunity to vent some diva steam and get into the public eye a bit more, echoed the comments saying working on ANTM was very similar:
Seriously, I was on the 1st season of top model...they had no clue what they were doing...all they had was mind fucking us for good tv. Hardly sleeping, meals taking FOREVER to come, shoving us in rooms that aren't big enough for one person, let alone 4!!!

We realize that waiting for a servant to deliver you your meal can be a traumatic experience, but is anyone surprised that they put the models into this condition specifically for the purposes of creating drama?

Curry continued that the riches she was allegedly promised have also not materialized:
I am grateful for all I did get from being on top model, and winning...BUT, I am not grateful for being lied to. We were told the winner would be an instant Millionaire, that our faces would be plastered everywhere in Revlon ads. None of which turned out to be true. My promised Revlon campaign turned out to be convention work for a day. I still haven't been paid for it.
Lets all sit and cry a few tears for poor poor Adrianne.

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