Weekend Box Office Recap (1/12)

Looks like Ben Stiller's comedy has finally been unseated in the box office this week. The juggernaut that was Night at the Museum has dropped to second place as new guy Stomp the Yard stomps the competition. (you know someone had to use that line).

Meanwhile, Michael Booth of the Denver Post says, "I truly doubt Hollywood will produce anything this year that bottoms Alpha Dog for offensively bad filmmaking."
And apparently, he's right. Despite beefing up for the role, recently curb-kicked Justin Timberlake's film about white guys trying to be hardcore gangsters comes in at a thuggish 7th.

Here are the weekend results. Links, as always go to Rottentomatoes.

1. Stomp The Yard - $22 million
2. Night at the Museum - $17.1M
3. The Pursuit of Happyness - $9.1M
4. Dreamgirls - $8.1M
5. Freedom Writers - $7.1M
6. Children of Men - $6.4M
7. Alpha Dog - $6.142M
8. Primeval - $5.988M
9. Arthur and the Invisibles - $4.3M
10. The Good Shepherd - $3.908M

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