Verizon Announces Broadcast TV on your Cell Phone

Verizon Wireless announced Sunday that it will be the first to deliver full length television episodes.

THR reports that Verizon will use Qualcom's "MediaFlo" technology to deliver up to 20 channels of programming from CBS, NBC, NewsCorp and MTV, and additional providers like ESPN will be signing on soon.
"The service has something for everyone, it will be available on hot new handsets and is presented in a programming format that's familiar to any TV viewer," said John Stratton, executive vp and chief marketing officer at Verizon. "This is a real transformation of the American media market."
Yeah. A transformation from a 50 inch high definition plasma to a 1 inch LCD screen. Will consumers really want to watch their favorite shows on an itty-bitty screen? Verizon is betting on it. Qualcom has been working on the "MediaFLO" technology for a while now and have invested heavily to build their own broadcast center in San Diego just to transmit this programming.

Unfortunately, our inside source with MediaFLO tells us that the employees responsible for making sure the content gets transmitted correctly are being paid far below broadcasting industry standards (possibly why the operation is in San Diego and not LA propper).

Qualcom is hoping that lots of people will buy into this gimmick so that MediaFLO can be spun off as its own company in the near future.

Expect this new year to have a lot of corporate marketing and advertising strategies cleverly disguised as "technological innovations." Caveat Emptor.

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