Sorry about the lack of updates from the Morgue for the past couple of days. Your jet-setting editor in chief was out gallivanting in chilly New Orleans the week before the Mardi Gras madness kicks into full gear. I'll be heading back for the start of the nuttiness this coming weekend, taking part in a highly hush-hush pre-oscar/ Superbowl Sunday private party I am sworn to secrecy over. Rest assured, though that we will be adding more articles here at the morgue in the next few days.

Oh and for all you folks coming here for the latest USAVOICE controversy, stay tuned.

While I was away killing brain cells in the big easy and our resident film critic was slurping cocktails from the bare midriff of some semi-comatose bimbo on a cruise ship somewhere, a race horse went tits up, Lane Garrison went further up shit creek, Paula Abdul is still crazy as a loon, Lindsay Lohan gets blacklisted, and Paris Hilton wants her embarrassing shit back. All in all a rather slow news day in Tinseltown.

In the meantime, it's clearly time for a blatant plea for assistance.


Who knew the business of writing about the business of Hollywood bullshit would be so exhausting? We need more help, people. We need boots on the ground. We need media ninjas to lurk in the shadows and uncover all the glossy, meaningless crap the majority of sloth-like Americans feed on like food pellets in a rat cage. We need first-hand reports of breaking entertainment news. We need detailed analysis of television shows, movies, new games and gadgets, and anything else related to modern media. In short, we need more journalists.

However, don't think that just because you write a blog makes you a journalist. If you've got the chops, you'll need to prove it.

Sound interesting? Then read this and pay attention.

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