Just What the World Needs: An Erik Cartman Ringtone

THR is reporting that Comedy Central is hopping on the wireless application bandwagon.

The network will be setting up an entire South Park wireless package for fans that will include all the bells and whistles they can think to cram into a cell phone.
...the application features the "South Park" character creator, a feature allowing users to build their own avatar to be displayed on message boards and within their personal profiles.

Fresh video content updated weekly and delivered through a built-in media player will be featured as well as production blogs from South Park Studios, exclusive news, Q&As with show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and storyboard art.
So now when you are sitting in a theater, instead of the latest Jay-Z song buzzing out of a .5inch speaker, you can hear Cartman screaming "Goddamnit!" over and over. Wont that be great?

The problem with these wireless applications is that it's turned into just another vehicle for corporations to hock their products at you. Sure wireless apps offer some features that might be nice to have, but for the most part, its just more advertising.

The applications are expected to launch on Sprint by the end of the month and across all carriers this year.

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