Golden Globe Winners Annou...WTF?

We wont go into all the details about the winners. There are plenty of sites out there that list them all, not the least of which is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association themselves.

I will say that this year, it should have been called the "What the Fuck Awards" because there are some seriously underdog winners:

Edie Murphey beat out Jack Nicholson? In ACTING??
Grey's Anatomy beat out 24, Heros, and Lost?
Ugly Betty beat out Entourage and the Office?
Alec Baldwin beat out Steve Carrell?
Kyra Sedgwick beat out Edie Falco?

Now that the globes are over, expect the Oscar hype machine to kick into high gear with lots of experts giving their opinions and lots of speculation about who will be nominated and who will win the little gold dude. And Media Morgue will be right there with them.

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