An Emmy for Web Videographers

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and shark-jumped, secret corporate marketing scheme MySpace announced the creation of the Broadband Emmy Awards, honoring video content on the Internet and thus lowering the prestige of the Emmy award to the equivalent of a kindergarten Student of the Month certificate.

Beginning Feb. 1, MySpace users will be encouraged to submit their videos for award consideration through Broadband Emmy honors will be presented in each of the existing Emmy categories, which include daytime, entertainment, news and information, sports and public and community service.

"We're pretty excited," MySpace senior vp marketing and content Shawn Gold said. "MySpace has the largest community of content creators in the world and when the Emmys approached us, it seemed like a perfect fit."

We are guessing they decided not to include the "Broken Appendage while Doing Something Really Stupid on Camera" category for fear of being overwhelmed with submissions.

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