Dick Clark Needs to Go.

Its time for someone to declare the elephant in the living room: Dick Clark needs to hang it up.

Recovering from a stroke is not an easy task. You literally have to re-learn how to talk. However I don't think its necessary to mark someone's recovery by carting them out on camera every year simply because its tradition. Let the man retire and keep his slurring, near drooling half-numb ass off of television. He's done enough.

If I want to hear someone slur their speech, I'll go to a party and hang out with the drunks. They're usually more fun anyway.


Anonymous said...

you should keep your dumb-ass comments to yourself...one day you will be old too and I hope someone wishes you just go away because you annoy them

The Judge said...

You're right. How DARE I state an opinion on my own website about something some anonymous reader disagrees with. What an ass-hat I am.

However this doesn't deter from the fact that Dick Clark is literally painful to watch. So is Ryan Seacrest, but for a different reason.

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