Britney Checks in for Apparent "R and R"

Remember about 4 days ago when the tabloids were all aflutter over Britney's apparent tiredness while partying on New Years Eve?

Well now, as one would expect, Britney has checked into a spa for "rest and relaxation"

It wasn't too long ago when Lindsay Lohan needed "rest" from her bout of "exhaustion" from working so hard. Now its Britney's turn to be bitten with this nasty case of "exhaustion" that seems to hit everyone so hard after a night of partying. And since "exhaustion" seems to spread like a venereal disease among this particular social clique, we're wondering just how long before Paris Hilton - much more adept in the ways of debauchery - succumbs to this silent killer.

Remember when "Rest and relaxation for exhaustion" used to be called "treatment for apparent overdose"?

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