Aronofsky to Direct Ballet Thriller?

Can a psychological thriller about ballet be a big box office draw? Universal Pictures is betting on it.

Variety reports that director Darren Aronofsky will direct "Black Swan" a film he and the writer John McLaughlin pitched to the execs.
Aronofsky is attached to direct, and John McLaughlin has begun writing a thriller that looks at the manipulative relationship between a veteran dancer and a rival. The studio is fast-tracking the project for Aronofsky, who most recently helmed "The Fountain."
So dust off those pointe shoes and start brushing up on your grand jeté. If the film is popular, we're betting there will be a resurgence of interest in ballet. Maybe even a reality show based around the dance form, showing us how feather-thin ballerinas act when they've stopped being polite and poised and started being real. Nothing like watching ladies in tutus call each other a bitch on stage.

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