Who Knew Stephen Weber Was Such as Wiz at a Thesaurus?

You may know him as Jack Rudolph, the snarky head of the network on Aaron Sorkin's barely watched "Studio 60." But we're willing to bet that unless you happen to be an adoring fan of the Brooklyn-borne thespian that you didn't realize he was also a very eloquent writer with a brain we could only wish the rest of the United States possessed.

Witness a case in point over at the Huffington Post where Weber tells it like it is, in a style none too familiar to the "i am teh l337 suxxor" variety of literary geniuses out there:

As another year slithers to a close, let's try to understand why the most galling aspect of all the round the clock analyses, perpetual punditry, endless speculation, asinine apologias, overbearing O'Reilling and CN-iNanity regarding Bush, his chicken hawk Neo-Cocksmen and the surreal, labyrinthine tragedy that is become Iraq, is the fact that whether one participates in the prognostications or just observes passively as Americans are expected to do, total, unmitigated suspension of disbelief is required.

Weber was recently published in the LA Times, wherein he called Paris Hilton a "bling-encrusted scarecrow." which makes this guy by new best friend.

Read Weber's full article here.

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