Weekend Box Office Recap

As expected, Mel Gibson's subtitled look at ancient civilizations didn't hold the first place spot for long. Sony's gamble of Father/ Son team of Smith and company helped win the weekend for the studio, against a Star Wars-meets Lord of the Rings wanna-be film written by a 17 year old and a remake of a children's classic with a ton of celebrity voices.

Meanwhile that damn dancing penguin is still in the top five. But we're betting that the next set of box office totals will not be so happy for Happy Feet. My guess is that it will hit #10 or #11 by this time next week.

Links as always go to the film's corresponding Rotten Tomatoes page:

1. The Pursuit of Happyness - $27 million
2. Eragon - $23.45M
Best line in a review: "A load of generic mush perhaps best served as a piece of bitchin' '70s van art." - Andrew Wright TheStranger.com
3. Charlotte's Web - $12M
4. Happy Feet - $8.5M
5. The Holiday - $8.2M
6. Apocalypto - $7.723M
7. Blood Diamond - $6.27M
8. Casino Royale - $5.7M
9. The Nativity Story - $4.7M
10. Unaccompanied Minors - $3.675M

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