Weekend Box Office Recap 12/8/06

As predicted, Mel Gibson's Apocalypto was #1 this weekend, but didn't bring in the huge numbers people were expecting. The Penguin upstaged James Bond AGAIN this weekend and a couple of really stupid Christmas flicks still cling to the top 10.

Here is this weekend tally of totals. As usual, the links go to rottentomatoes.com:

1. Apocalypto $14.166M
2. The Holiday $13.5M
3. Happy Feet $12.71M
4. Casino Royale $8.8M
5. Blood Diamond $8.5M
6. Unaccompanied Minors $6.205M
7. Deja Vu - $6.07M
8. The Nativity Story - $5.75M
9. Deck the Halls - $3.92M
10. The Santa Clause - $3.31M

Despite being upstaged by an animated dancing penguin in the US, "Casino Royale" has been a such huge success overseas and it's on track to become the biggest boxoffice smash of all the 21 James Bond films to date. The Hollywood Reporter has the details.

And for the first week of December, we mentioned that this was the first time we had seen a film on Rotten Tomatoes get a zero score (Van Wilder 2). Unfortunately, Rocco Colella over at the Boston Globe had to go and fuck that up. Not that he liked the film all that much, but I guess it registered as "fresh" in RT's world. By the way, Van Wilder 2 made $870 Thousand this weekend and sits at #15 in the charts.

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