Weekend Box Office Recap 12/22

Have you had enough of Christmas yet? If so, perhaps the solitude of a darkened theater and the oppressive smell of stale popcorn and imitation butter are a good alternative to cinnamon spiced candles and Aunt Edith's Ben Gay ointment for her sciatica.

As expected, that damn dancing penguin has finally dropped out of the top 5, beaten by a talking spider, a Star Wars-meets Lord of the Rings wanna-be, a spy movie, a geriatric boxer, and Ben Stiller.

The other new film that came out this weekend, the Mathew "I'm too hunky and I know it" McConaughey film "We are Marshal" ranked in at a depressing #7, earning $6.6 million on over 2,600 screens. Perhaps a film about a high school football team that dies with their parents in a plane crash is not the best film for the Christmas holiday. But, what do I know?

Here is the box office tally for the week ending Dec 22. As always, links go to rottentomatoes.com

1. Night at the Museum - $30.8 Million - Showing that silly comedies will always win on Christmas weekend.
2. The Pursuit of Happyness - $15 Million
3. Rocky Balboa - $12.5M - Early reviews are that this one might actually not suck. However, YMMV
4. The Good Shephard - $10M - not to be confused with "The Good German"
5. Charlotte's Web - $8M

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