Weekend Box Office Recap 12/1/06

Even though there were three new releases, even the birth of Christ couldn't stop that obnoxious penguin from being #1.

1. Happy Feet - $17.45 Million, Down 54% from last week.
2. Casino Royale - $15.1 Million
3. DejaVu - $11.32M
4. The Nativity Story - $8.25M Jesus Christ! Hasn't this premise been done to death?
5. Deck the Halls - $6.65M
6. Santa Clause 3 - $5M
7.Borat - $4.825M
8. Turistas - $3.54M
9. Stranger than Fiction $3.4M
10. Van Wilder 2 - $2.295 - this is the first time I have seen a zero score for a film on rottentomatoes.

Sadly, the greatest rock band in the universe dropped 58% to #15, bringing in only $1.3M to its $7.4M total.

As the Winter film season gets hot and heavy, there should soon be a toppling of that stupid dancing bird, but sadly this week wasnt it.

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