"We Are Marshall" Is Less Feeling

Genres: Drama and Sports
Release Date:
December 22nd, 2006 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG for emotional thematic material, a crash scene, and mild language. Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Joseph McGinty Nichol

JJ Rating: B

Marshall has a tragedy on their hands. A plane that is full of football players, coaches and parents goes down and kills them all. This puts the football program on hold. But the remainder of the varsity team wants to continue playing football so they orchestrate a way to convince the board to allow them to play. We Are Marshall shows how one person can make a major difference in how people react even in a tragedy’s aftermath.

Matthew McConaughey is most excellent in this movie. I think it is one of his best performances because he’s so different in this movie than he is in his other movies I’ve seen him in. Watching it I believed who he was and not that he was Matthew McConaughey the actor. He did a great job.

Matthew Fox also did a suburb job of acting. I watch him on Lost week after week and he was different in this movie. He was more vulnerable and guilt ridden. I did not see Jack on the movie screen I saw Red Dawson.

David Strathairn was the President and he did an awesome job of playing a reasonable and reserved man. Ian McShane played a parent that lost a son and he did great with his small role in the movie. He was not in a lot of the scenes but he commanded the scenes whenever he was.

What made We Are Marshall good was when the people chanted we are Marshall it was a spin tingling moment. Every time it was stated I felt the same tingle and that was cool. It is a great saying. Also this movie showed how people have a good heart even in the game of football there are small ways of remembering people even if it is a team that did not share in the tragedy. There are great reasoning points in this movie by McConaughey playing Jack Lengyel. He has some analogies that made very good points.

The movie was not as emotional as I had expected it to be. I had expected more emotion to emit from it. What I got was small amounts of emotion but nothing as big as I had hoped for from seeing the trailers. There are a couple of scenes that render such emotion but over all the movie is not up to par with what it had promised.

I felt that the storylines that were involved were not well connected to make a whole movie. There is a girlfriend of one of the victims from the crash and her storyline seems so distant from the main story line that the movie could have went on without it. Though her story line had a good scene in it overall it seemed as if it was a time filler than telling anything of value for the story.

I think the ending was alright. I had hope for something a little more than what was given. It felt like a true to life ending just not told in a way that would give it more meaning and less of a hollow feel.

I most likely will not own this movie but it was worth seeing. I got to see history of a small town that was national news I just never knew it happened. But other than that and a few good scenes We Are Marshall is not a movie I could see more than the one time. It left me wanting and in a movie like this wanting is not how someone should feel after watching it

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