USAVOICE's Face Lift Falls Flat

When they are not using their vast investigative journalistic prowess to explore all there is to know about meatloaf (both the food and the person) The folks at USAVOICE have taken great effort to re-design their nameplate.

Was this out of fear that their previous one looked too much like the nameplate used by USA Today? Did they perhaps get a strongly-worded cease and desist letter from some attourney informing them that theirs was too similiar to someone's licensed, trademarked identity? We're not sure.

As expected, USAVOICE has no comment.

Be it a website or a newspaper, the nameplate (sometimes known as a masthead, title banner etc) is the central most important part of a site's identity. Not only does it inform the reader of what they are looking at, it's design helps to impart a feel for what to expect from the site in general. Is it bold, something that grabs your attention and demands you notice them, or is it simply an Old English font in caps on a white background?

Allen Jacobson of Brass Tacks Design knows a thing or two about graphic design. For more information, Read his article about the importance of design on traditional newspapers and how it can affect circulation.

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