USAVOICE Employees Still Waiting to be Paid

In addition to our previous post about the spam solicitation email that has been sent to just about everyone with a monster or hotjobs account, we have some additional information from our inside source with USAVOICE.

I am STILL waiting to hear from Rick about the numerous emails regarding management practices including pay that I have sent to him before and after my resignation Nov. 15. I can see that the USA Voice corporate staff has removed negative comments published on the USA Voice site by others and has sent letters demanding retractions for unflattering video comments, but I have not received a single letter, email or phone call regarding anything I have written about USA Voice.
I stand by everything I have said: I was not paid for work completed since the end of August when I took the position of editor. My reporters have not been paid for articles completed in September and October. No one at USA Voice has explained to us why we were were not paid on Nov. 10. No one acknowledged the list of suggestions I sent that would improve the appearance and content of USA Voice by following basic journalistic practices regarding datelines, attribution and photo copyrights. Despite my request, Rick never acknowledged my resignation. Another member of my team was offered and declined my position. Contact information continues to be gathered for potential reporters, and editors and reporters were contacted about other USA Voice positions while employed by USA Voice.
USA Voice says it takes offense at the word scam. I take offense at not being treated more respectfully by an employer. What word - in your opinion - describes such practices? I will let you decide.

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