"So nervous"

It appears that Jessica Simpson had a bit of stage fright Sunday night at the Kennedy Center honors. CityNews reports:

Simpson was on stage singing Nine to Five as part of a tribute to honouree Dolly Parton when she apparently stopped singing, uttered the words "so nervous" and exited the stage.

The stunned audience responded with silence. When the Dukes of Hazzard star and others participating in the tribute returned to the stage, it appeared she was crying.

Naturally, the press is taking this opportunity to recall sister Ashlee Simpson's busted lip syncing on Saturday Night Live in 2004. At least with this on-stage fuckup Jessica was actually singing. Or at least trying to sing.

Expect Entertainment Tonight or one of the other stupid TV tabloid shows to make this a big thing. They may have already done so. We don't watch those shows.

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