O.J.'s Would-be Book Author Shown the Door Instead

Less than one month after Rupert Murdoch decided that making money off of O.J. Simpson was below even him, and shit-canned the idea of a book about the murders, author Judith Regan, who was slated to write the book was summarily tossed to the curb by publisher HarperCollins on Friday.

Yahoo News explains that Regan has a reputation for getting herself into the limelight:

An industry force since the 1980s, when she produced best-sellers by Drew Barrymore and Kathie Lee Gifford for Simon & Schuster, Regan has been labeled a "foul-mouthed tyrant" and the "enfant terrible of American publishing." She is also widely envied — if not admired — for her gift of attracting attention to her books and to herself.

We don't expect that this will be the last time you hear about Judith Regan, as her publishing imprint (in other words, her brand name) is currently working on a "fictionalized" (read: made up and exaggerated) book about Mickey Mantle that is already starting to piss off fans and has publishing lawyers mentioning words like "libel." Expect to hear a lot more about Regan around March, when the book, "7: The Mickey Mantle Novel" is scheduled to be published.

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