New "Oceans 13" Teaser Trailer Hits the Nets

OK, I am a sucker for the "Ocean's" films. Sure, the original "Ocean's 11" had the rat pack, but historically, the film is only interesting because of the stories about what went on before, during and after the filming. The movie itself is not very good. The remake "11" was infinitely better to the original.

Then they did "Ocean's 12" and I was still there as a fan. A bit more convoluted, but with an all-star cast and the same attention to detail, it wasn't an utterly terrible movie.

So now they are milking the franchise one more time with "Ocean's 13." Scheduled to be released next June, here is the teaser trailer for it.

We're being told that MoviePhone has been having problems imbedding their video for Firefox browsers, so if you can't see the trailer by clicking on the box, you can see it online by clicking here. Enjoy.

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