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Despite employees of USAVOICE quitting the organization in droves, there has been no official word from anyone in the upper echelon explaining why employees have not been paid for the month of October. We are assuming its the same excuse they sent out to reporters the last pay period (no one is clicking on the ads, therefore no revenue being generated).

Interesting that a company that can't afford to pay its employees can instead pay Google to buy advertising and the top two paid links on a search page.

Do a google search for "USAVOICE" and the first two links are and Also on the search results page is an ad in the sidebar linking to All three were registered through on November 18th.

Three separate websites all talking about how wonderful the company is. Now, why would a reputable website have to resort to creating three separate sites just to claim they are legitimate?

Meanwhile, USAVOICE's solicitation emails through major job search sites continues.

The most recent email, posted to displays the standard template most people have received. Here is a copy:

Dear _______

I recently viewed your resume and feel you may be qualified for a position with our company. We are USAVoice, the fastest growing online newspaper in the world today. USA Voice is ranked in the top percent of most trafficked websites on the Internet. With over 3,000 reporters in the United States and a projected 60,000 Reporters worldwide (7,500 in the United States alone) by year-end 2007, USA Voice's future continues to look extremely bright.

We are currently launching an advice section, which allows our readers to ask advice from experts in a wide variety of topics. We feel you are qualified to be an expert in the Entertainment & Travel Advice Section. Entertainment & Travel Advice experts answer questions about the entertainment industry, travel, shopping, restaurants, movies, television, arts, and creative services.

Starting pay for our experts is $30 per hour (pay can be increased after 90 days based on performance and reader feedback). This position can be full-time or part-time, but experts must commit to a minimum of 12 hours per week. Experts work from their home and can select their own schedule. Each expert must have a computer with online access.

This is a tremendous opportunity to work from home and make a top income or a great supplemental part time income while providing a valuable service to our readers. You will answer questions via text chat to a truly international reader base. Our technology insures that you will only be presented with questions that are in your field of expertise. We offer our experts the following:
  • Top Pay Starting at $30 per hour
  • Insurance Benefits
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Rapid Advancement Opportunities
  • Student Loan Reimbursement Assistance
If you are interested in being considered as a USAVoice Expert, click the link below and complete the application. Once you have completed the application, I will contact you to schedule an interview. (If the link does not work you may copy and paste the address in your browser)


I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Morgan Corbin
USA Voice Experts Division

Click here to be removed from any future employment notifications

Interesting that they are saying they offer a job that pays $30 per hour, along with full benefits, tuition reimbursement and all of the other typical bells and whistles one would expect to see on a legitimate job opportunity.

Why are they saying all this when the reality is that (according to their contract) employees are paid a percentage of a percentage of the number of click-through ad revenue each individual page receives? Why would they say that the job offers benefits when there are none in the contract? Is it to lure people into signing up with the company and nothing more?

Perhaps this is just an oversight on the administrators. Perhaps its a typo.

You decide.

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