It is now 11 days past the point when USAVOICE journalists were supposed to be paid for their work, based on their convoluted payment scheme. From what we can tell, there has been literally no communication from the upper ranks, despite numerous attempts to get them to respond to their own staff's pleas for information.

Meanwhile, in a recent post in the forums, one poster talked about the rather liberal hiring practice they encountered with the USAVOICE Human Resources Dept:

"Well whomever is in charge over there is not to bright, I created a fake
resume for my hamster, Loves to eat lettuce, runs on his wheel, sleeps all day,
goal to have my cage cleaned. Address was 1 Screw You Way, you get the picture.

Guess what....Robby S Hamster was offered a Editor Posistion with USA
Voice and is scheduled for a conference call. So I am going to be on it and make
sure EVERYONE knows the Mouse is the BOSS."

We at Media Morgue look forward to reading Robby S Hamsters' biting wit on the partially-constructed pages of USAVOICE. It will be a nice change of pace from what they normally publish.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!! I bet Robbie S. Hamster does a top notch job and no one at usavoice will ever know the difference!! I wish you luck Robbie but please go in with your little eyes wide open. They won't pay you either!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found this site. It affirmed apprehension in following up on ALL the job offers I received from USAVoice.
The blogs on here gave me a good laugh

The Judge said...

What? Like I amuse you? Like a clown?

Just kidding.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Things seem a little suspicious over there and we're just here to make sure that people know the full story.

We'll update when we can. So far, there's been no word on payment for their employees (that is now 15 days past due). Not that anyone is holding their breath they would actually be paid in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The address you list for USAVoice is the actual address for the office of Newt Gingrich. Do you have a real address for them?

The Judge said...

believe it or not, that is the correct address. Apparently its an office building where Gingrich's office is located.

The office is rented to several business, of which USAVOICE is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Judge,

I was interested in the current status of Robbie S.Hamster. I logged into USAVoice even though I left the Voice back in Oct.(after having read your articles!!) I would have thought Robbie would have chewed through the B.S. by now, I'll keep an eye out for him.

While visiting my back office, (which I still have access to, wow what a company!) I noticed some new additions that I thought I would share. They have added a "perks page" which includes several different ads that you now must click through to even access your back office. I am sending the page along, what a racket!

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USAVoice back Office Perk Page!

Please take a moment and select the types of perks you have an interest in. You will receive email offers from selected companies.

We are constantly building new affiliates, so please check back to this section frequently.


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I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate Media Morgue!! I amazed that people are still falling for this scam. I learned many things concerning the internet and employment and I will never again "click away" with my eyes shut! JJ

Klaas de Vries Jr said...

If you're wondering what happened to the thread: apparently owner has given in to the blackmail and threats by Defrawy and some buddies in crime, William L. Stanley and Robert Russo, both known to be big time spammers. The most revealing threads about,, and more have been deleted. Defrawy's names are automatically changed to stars.

Won't help you from going down with Lou Pearlman, Alec.

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