Mickey Gets an Axe and Kills his Creators

About 160 employees of Disney's famed Feature Animation dept. will be receiving a little extra something in their Christmas stockings this year: A pink slip.

Variety is reporting that "Mouseschwitz" has decided to kick 20% of its animators to the curb. So sayeth Var in its industry-speak ways:

Cuts aren't connected to the company-wide layoffs Mouse House went through in summer. Feature animation was excluded at the time, apparently fitting in with CEO Bob Iger's public insistence that toons are a core part of the company's future.

A few years back, then president and CEO Michael Isner tried to cut the feature animation dept out all together, but through pressure from employees and unions, decided against it.

Now that Iger's in charge, some employees are feeling they're out of the frying pan and into the fire.

It's a strategy that has been looming in the dark recesses of the big D's hallways for several years. With the advancements in technology with computer animation, traditional cell by cell animating is steadily going the way of the dinosaur.

This marks a turning point for Disney. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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