"The Holiday" is a Romantic Gift

Genres: Comedy and Romance

Release Date: December 8th, 2006 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual content and some strong language
Sony Pictures Releasing

Directed by: Nancy Meyers

JJ Rating: A-

Two women had a horrible experience in their own hometowns that they would rather be somewhere else. Cameron Diaz’s character is in L.A. and she wants to leave for two weeks. She finds this home exchange and decides to do it with Kate Winslet’s character who lives in the U.K. Winslet is excited to arrive in the huge home in which Diaz has. Diaz arrives to a small cottage and is somewhat less than thrilled. Their past with men has been less than what they would consider wonderful. That is why they wanted The Holiday.

I enjoyed the movie because it was a different kind of telling of the same kind of story. With the combination of Diaz, Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law one would hope that the movie would be a rockin’. I believe it was a rocking movie indeed. Diaz was a cheerful and frustrated woman. Winslet was a helpless romantic woman. Black was a funny giving man. Law was a strong and emotional man. Going to a new location brings about new people and experiences and apparently a wonderful love life.

So many movies deal with finding the right one. The one that will lift you off your feet and make you feel special and make you feel as if you’re the only one for them and them for you. It’s great to watch those kinds of movies even though the reality of such things occurring is slim to none. I admit to the fact that I wish I could find someone like that.

This movie was a comedic look at how certain people deal with relationships. Maybe it’s not realistic to the extent in which some believe real to be. Ha. But at least it entertained and gave some insight on how people feel. I didn’t think there would be anything profound in this movie but there is a part of the movie were Winslet hits a huge milestone about how she feels about a situation and the guts in which she spills were golden in thought. If I were not still sick from what attacked me over the weekend I would have been glad to share just a bit of it. But all I remember is how profound it was and not exactly what it was about. Sorry.

Diaz had the less profound character but she was funnier in an odd way. It’s kind of hard to describe without one seeing the movie but Diaz works in cutting and creating trailers for movies so she’ll have moments when she has the movie voice directing over her life. It’s pretty funny and I think it added to the greatness of the film.

Black has a great scene in a video rental store. His character dealt with music for movies. He talked about all kinds of movie themes and such but the way he “plays” the music for such themes in that scene was funny and I believe good enough to just be cemented as a classic moment but that’s just me.

Law had something more to him but saying more than that will give it away and it won’t make his acting special. I can say that they bank on what people think of him and that gets people to buy into believing he is who he is even though that’s not who he is….well you’ll get it if you see it.

I think it’s difficult to pull off romantic comedy when so many things have been done so many times before. I think that The Holiday does something great with the same old same old. It makes feeling good cool again. I think I’ll be buying this movie because it brings an odd sense of hope to those that have similar heartache situations. Hope that one day I will meet someone wonderful if I just switch homes with someone in a far off distant land. Well okay I know that’s not going to happen but it’s amusing to think about none-the-less.

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