"Dreamgirls" Had a Dream Girl

Genres: Drama, Musical/Performing Arts and Adaptation
Release Date: December 15th, 2006 (limited); December 25th, 2006 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for language, some sexuality and drug content.
Distributors: Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks SKG

Directed by: Bill Condon

JJ Rating: B+

A trio by the name of The Dreamettes gets picked up to be back up singers for James “Thunder” Early. Soon they get to be their own group and then a change occurs which creates a rift in the group. One of the members leaves and they replace her. The dirty practices of the producer start to ruin instead of help. Then the story shows that fame doesn’t bring about happiness as much as family can.

Jennifer Hudson was a show stopping, show stealing and show astounding first timer. I had not imagined anticipating each of her scenes during this movie. I really, really, really liked her. I was simply amazed that she did such a great job and she better win an award from somewhere. I’ll make her one if that has to happen. It’s been a while since I have seen acting that is that good and she did that good no doubt in my mind.

The rest of the cast did a good job as well. Jamie Foxx was awesome. He had me really not liking him. Eddie Murphy did great too because he had me liking him and then going what the hell? Beyonce Knowles did a very good job playing it low key and then towards the end becoming stronger.

If you do not like musicals then do not even bother seeing this movie. I like some musicals. What matters is if the story is something I like and can somewhat relate to. Otherwise I’ll just get annoyed with the singing and just not care. I was thinking that they could have had more story progression while the songs were being sung like other musicals have. But that’s just a minor dislike it’s nothing major.

I liked most of the songs that were in there and even though I did not totally love all the songs there was a lot of creativity thrown into the songs that make them awesome. The songs worked and the people singing the songs made them come to life. Again Hudson was just remarkable. People were so moved by her performance they clapped several times for her. Knowles did good as well because she was soft at the beginning and then when the end came she sang her song with a range of emotion that was moving and telling.

But every scene that I really liked and I would want to see again, just because I thought it was so cool, had Hudson in it. She did not steal the scenes as much as she commanded them. She was a star with the help of the cast, I do believe. She had the moves and the voice and the attitude that fit the part.

This movie is a movie that I enjoyed watching but at the same time I thought it dragged but that is again probably just me not liking this type of musical a whole lot. Which I did not factor into my review because I decided that as a whole the movie was really good and that even if I did not want to own it or see it again I was not going to take away from it what it had worked so hard to achieve and did achieve.

So Dreamgirls is a well done movie and it will entertain and it just might move you. It has power, it has talent and it has someone that no one noticed before but cannot ignore: Jennifer Hudson. If you need a reason to see this movie, then see it because of her. What she put into this movie made it worth the effort I had to make to watch it all. She is this movie’s dream girl.

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