Don't Call Him K-Fed or He'll Pretend to Kick Your Ass

Last night on "Monday Night Raw", everyone's favorite no-talent, white-trash soon-to-be-divorced-and-in-need-of-pot-money, professional coat-tail rider showed up to declare his intentions to beat the crap out of a guy that can bench-press a Buick.

K-Fed stepped into the ring and informed the audience that he intends to fight WWE champ John Cena on New Years Day.
"The real Kevin Federline never backs down from a challenge. Make all your jokes, because New Year's Day I'm the one who is going to be laughing. Oh yeah, Cena, my name is not K-Fed, it's Kevin Federline, bitch, and I want some and I'm gonna get some."
Oh yeah, I believe that this no-talent ass clown is going to beat up a guy that is twice his size and all muscle. Of course this is all a carefully planed and scripted event. The WWE is betting that most of America will tune in to see K-Fed get his ass handed to him. And they are probably right.

We at Media Morgue are holding out hope that Cena will have a brief moment of clarity and forget that he is only supposed to pretend to throw Federline around the ring and instead actually do it for real. Any chance for a bribe?

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