DIRECTV Unveils it's NASCAR Hotpass Service

NASCAR fans will be wetting their pants this season as DIRECTV announces they will be offering up multiple camera angles as dedicated channels during NASCAR races this coming season.

This is something DIRECTV has been working on for a while now and is finally being unveiled for the 2006-07 Season:
The NASCAR HOTPASS service will be available during the 2007 NASCAR Nextel Cup season with features including five dedicated driver channels that will each focus on one NASCAR driver throughout the race. Each driver channel will also feature multiple screens that include the live national broadcast of the race; a driver's point-of-view camera looking out the front windshield with select telemetry readings; additional camera angles including overhead, pit box and corners; live audio of the communications between the driver, crew chief and spotter; and dedicated announcers for each channel.

If you are a NASCAR fan, this is an exciting way to watch the race the way you want to see it. Expect DIRECTV to be doing more things like this in the near future with other sports.

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