Control His Christmas Lights for a Good Cause

Pictured at right is Alek Komarnitsky. As he sits here in front of his computer amid a rather odd assortment of advertising and incredible hulk merchandise, he is attempting to raise money for the University of Maryland to help fund research into Celiac Disease.

And to do that, he is trying to get everyone to visit his webpage where he will post the names of people who help contribute.

Oh, and to make things interesting, he has hooked up FIFTEEN THOUSAND Christmas lights outside, rigged them all to x-10 controllers, and connected that to four dedicated 100 Mbps Linux/Apache Servers. (Clark Griswold would be so proud)

The end result is that anyone that visits his website can turn on and off a dizzying combination of lights, inflate and deflate his lawn ornaments, and even type text messages onto his webcam he has installed in the house.

Tonight (Tuesday) he posted a message to both Digg and Fark and downright DARED people to try to crash his setup.

Will Alek be the victim of the dreaded "digg effect" or will his neighbors beat him senseless for blinding the entire neighborhood with his home?

Visit his site and find out.


Alek said...

Nice writeup and apprecite you mentioning the Celiac Charity. The four dedicated 100 Mbps Linux/Apache web servers handled the DIGG/FARKfest - was pretty crazy last night, but tons of fun.

Merry Christmas to 'ya,

P.S. Nice Screenshot! ;-)

The Judge said...

Thanks for visiting the site and you are welcome. Glad to see you handled the digg effect without failure.

Now how are those neighbors?

Alek said...

I have great neighbors - they think it is a riot ... and needless to say, the kids love it.

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