"Charlotte's Web" is Some Movie

Genres: Drama, Kids/Family and Adaptation
Release Date: December 15th, 2006 (wide)
MPAA Rating: G
Distributors: Paramount Pictures

Directed by: Gary Winick

JJ Rating: B+

Wilbur is a spring pig that Fern loves dearly. A spring pig has never seen snow because normally the spring pig is a feast during Christmas time. Wilbur is a polite pig that wants a friend and ends up being friends with a spider named Charlotte who decides to make a promise stating that she will get him to stay alive to see first snow. She does this by creating wonderful works of web, hence the name Charlotte’s Web.

I read this book when I was in elementary school. I’ve seen the cartoon that was created based on the book. The cartoon had songs, this movie is just live action. I like both of them for different reason. I do like the cartoon version because of the songs but I like this live action version because of the wit and humor the characters have. When a place gets so complacent people get complacent and what is needed is new blood. Wilbur is that new blood for this barn and his bubbly need to find friends gives the barn new life. He made people see Charlotte, the spider, in a new light. Most of the animals just didn’t like her because she was a spider and that was enough not to like her. But Wilbur was her friend and no matter how different she looked he looked at her and saw what made her special.

I like this movie because of that. Because people should see others for what they can do and not what they can’t do, there are too many people that focus on what one can’t and forget to focus on what they can do. It creates a different ambiance when people know that others are looking for the good in what they do instead of looking for the bad just so they can berate them.

I like all the characters because that’s what they were they were characters. Each one was different and they were not just there to take up space. They had lines that were said that added to the story and they were actually funny. There were lots of famous people in this movie but I would think they did it because they love the story just as much as other people loved it when they read the book. So them being in it is something cool to do because they love the story so much and I think that having people work on something that they enjoy makes for a better product…and in this case a better story.

Remakes are tricky when there is already a beloved creation. But because it’s a different visual it is not a “ew nasty” remake it’s a “wow cool” remake. There are few people that do not know what happens in this story and how it ends and what it is all about so what matters with a remake like this is that it’s told in a way that people who have heard it a billion times are not bored with how it’s told for the billion and one time. I was not bored. I enjoyed it and I might even purchase the movie.

At the end of the movie I felt connected to the characters and I felt choked up because it was touching just like I remembered it to be in the cartoon and in the book itself. Spiders are freaky and I don’t particularly love them but Charlotte was not so bad. I think they did a good job on her and made her pleasing and not creepy, crawling weird. She moved gracefully and with elegance and I think that helped make her seem more appeasing than OH MY GOD it’s a furry SPIDER it’s going to hurt me *faint like the horse did in the trailer*.

Charlotte was a unique character who made Wilbur shine and Wilbur was unique as well because he made her shine. They are what true friends should be like and Charlotte said it best when she told Wilbur that the miracle was never her webs it was always him. If you have someone like that then this line will be awesome if you don’t you will wish you did when you hear the line…that’s an awesome showing of what a true friendship should be like.

Charlotte’s Web is forever a classic book. This version will also be classic because it was a good re-telling of the story that has been held dear by so many children and adults throughout the years. As the webs in the story told of how great Wilbur was, I will steal them and state, “This was some radiant, terrific and humble movie.”

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