AMC goes IPO

AMC Theater's parent company, Marquee Holdings Inc. has filed for an initial public offering with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. AMC joins the ranks of theaters like Regal Entertainment and Cinemark that announced they were going public in two months ago.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the theater company owns over 300 different theaters across the US and said it would like to continue the process of cultivating their crop further:
According to AMC's S-1 form filed with the SEC, the company considers its proactive efforts to close older, underperforming theaters as "a major factor that further differentiates us from our competitors and has contributed to our overall theater portfolio quality." The document says that AMC has identified 52 multiplex theaters with 418 screens that it might close during the next one to three years.
Loosely translated, "older, underperforming theaters" should also be taken to mean former classic one-screen bijous that would cost more to convert into multi-screen, closet sized google-plexes than it would to just knock them down and build something newer in its place.

So now, when terrible movies bring in poor box office takes, you too can suffer along with the plight of the theaters.

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