A video Testimonial Against USAVOICE

James Scott Kirkpatrick got scammed by USAVOICE and decided to put his testimonial on YouTube to help spread the word about these corrupt swindlers. He also mentioned Media Morgue in the process. (Thanks, James!) His story is sadly not uncommon. View the clip above and hear what James has to say.

Meanwhile, it is now 12 days past the date when all the reporters were supposed to be paid. Is USAVOICE still claiming that they are not making any money off of click-through advertising? In fact, has there been any communication from the head office as to why no one's been paid yet? Of course not. We at Media Morgue find it hard to believe that the "World's fastest growing News Organization" isn't turning a profit from its advertising. Have they been operating in the red for the past two months, or perhaps they have some other form of income that keeps the operation afloat.

We're willing to bet that selling a list of thousands of valid email addresses to a spammer can net a nice profit.

In other news, an anonymous poster to our comment section mentioned that he became an employee of the company and attempted to buy business cards (as recommended by the scam artists) but never got them. Then they happened to notice that a charge for $3.95 was charged TWENTY TIMES to their account. Is this credit card fraud? Have the administrators decided to start adding additional felonies to their list of illegal activities, or is it merely a "computer glitch" on their side?

Take the money and run, fellas. You're days are numbered.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out the scam myself, and find your site very helpful in clarifying things... and to help... I'm a reporter and tried buying business cards every day for the past few weeks and there isn't even a "proceed" or "order now" or anything that make the order go through... so I'm not sure how that 3.95 thing happened... mind you I'd love to order cards.

Anonymous said...

I love that video since I think I'm the guy he's talking about who was on the call telling people it's a scam. You're welcome James.

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