Trainwreck of the Week: Par-Ritney

We have decided to start a new weekly column, dedicated to all those shiny, pretty celebs that just cant seem to stay out of the photographers cold, unblinking eye. And with this new column, comes the unveiling of our new buzz name for our latest couple. Introducing the Trainwreck of the week: Par-Ritney

Britney Spears seems to be enjoying her new found freedom when she leglly detached herself from her 125 pound tumor. Since then, she has apparently decided to get publicity advice from Paris Hilton, who has been showing her such social ettiquette tips like how to walk out of a club completly hammered, and how to "accidentally" expose your c-section scar for the throngs of salivating paparazzi while exiting enormously-expensive vehicles. (Warning: Link not safe for those that just finished eating)

With the amount of publicity that Par-Ritney have been getting with their recent galavanting, they have toppled our recent train wreck, Lindsay Lohan from her ivory pedastel. Which means that it wont be long before Lindsay finds a way to turn up the crazy.

Stay tuned.

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