Smashing a PS3. Big Deal.

So have you heard about the guy that out together a website, collected donations, then waited in line for hours to get one of the first Playstation 3's for the soul purpose of walking outside the store to smash it with a sledge hammer seconds later?

Yeah, I don't really give a shit about it either.

OK, so it was a big publicity stunt and link bait. The originators also did the same thing with the iPod when it came out.

While we all love destruction, there really isn't anything particularly interesting about the way they did it. They just beat it with a sledgehammer like some cro magnon. All it did was infuriate the people who have saved for months, scraping together every penny they had and stood in line for hours to pick one up.

I am not going to make fun of the hobbies of any individual. If console games are your thing, good on ya. It's better (though not necessarily cheaper) than shooting heroin. But if you are going to make a big thing out of highlighting the wastefulness of the typical American consumer by smashing something that people have been getting mugged over, at least make the destruction interesting: Blow it up. Melt it in a blast furnace. Run it through an industrial shredder. Flatten it with a steamroller. Set fire to it and do the Jimmy Hendrix fire dance.
Anything is better than just beating it with a big hammer.

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