Richie Didnt Collapse: More of a Booze-fueled Losing Battle With Gravity

Lionel Richie says he is proud of his Daughter.

Hey, stop laughing.

In a recent interview, Lionel says he is happy to hand over the reins of popularity to his shining progeny:
"Nicole is the new superstar of the family, which I'm loving. She's Miss Fashion Icon. She has such a sense of style, such a sense of grace."
That sense grace was exemplified nicely last weekend when we reported that Nicole had collapsed at much-ado-about-nothing club Hyde.

However, her spin doctors are quickly doing their best to cover the whole mess up. The latest news is that it wasn't nearly as bad as the tabloids would have you believe.

So you see, she only got drunk and passed out. Which is totally a non-news event for the d-list celebrity crowd in Hollywood. However, if she yelled a few anti-Semitic slurs, or a couple of sexist epithets, at the cops, now THAT'S news.

In a new article in US Weekly scheduled to hit newstands friday, she refutes the allegation that she has an eating disorder.
"I'm not in rehab and I don't have an eating disorder," Nicole told Us Weekly. "I'm getting the help I need and taking care of my health."
We dont know if "getting the help I need" is code for "getting shitfaced drunk as much as I goddamn want" but we're sure that this will be the last time we hear about Nichole and her health issues.

OK, you're laughing again. Stop that.

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