The Rape of the American Dream

Last Friday, we mentioned how bent out of shape the poor folks at Diebold were at the fact that the HBO documentary "Hacking Democracy" showed such cavernous, gaping security holes in the company's supposedly tamper-proof voting machines.

Now that the documentary has aired, here is a review, written by Media Morgue Minion, Penny:

"In the 2000 presidential election, an electronic voting machine recorded minus 16,022 votes for Al Gore in Volusia County, Fla. While fraud was never proven, the faulty tally alerted computer scientists, politicians and everyday citizens to the very real possibility of computer hacking during elections."

After watching the HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy you will see that was not an error or a glitch. The machines don't tally backwards. Someone hacked the system. The Diebold system is used not only for computer voting but also for tabulation of other voting methods. ALL have been proven hackable.

Florida and Ohio have not been able to prove that their presidential election results are certifiable. I am not sure why Kerry conceded, perhaps nothing can be proved either way as to whether election fraud did take place. What can be proved is that Diebold had receivables on their books from the Republican Party and one of their executives vocally supports the party.

Election results didn't match exit polls in two states. There were found to be irregularities with the polling places. Certified voting machine tapes in Florida that are supposed to be kept on file for 22 months, were instead simply thrown in dumpsters. These tapes didn't match the tape that was printed out 15 days later for a reporter in Volusia County. When the recount was done in Cuyahoga County in Ohio, the election officials were supposed to randomly pick 3% of the ballots, but they pre-selected which districts they were going to pull from, making the recount fairly useless. Did they sleep through statistics class? When did "random" stop meaning "random?"

I have to admit that I am too emotionally close to this subject. I hate our current administration and their disregard for the well being of our country and its citizens. I would like to believe that someone within the Republican Party cheated the voters out of our true choice for president. I find it hard to believe that 51% of our citizens have been duped into thinking these morons have their best interests at heart. Though who knows. The wealth of a nation has always been held in the hands of a few, and the crumbs are given to the peasants, who are placated with visions of Heaven and Democracy and other fairy tales.

Still, it is heart wrenching to see how easily one of our last fairy tales- Democracy - is deleted with stroke of a key. So many lives laid down to defend that ideal.

"Hacking Democracy" will be airing for the rest of the year on various HBO channels. Click here for the latest schedule.


The same day the HBO documentary aired, even more evidence of voting machine tampering came to light. The folks at ran an exclusive article by ABC News Correspondent Rebecca Abrahams titled: LEAKED 2003 REPORT ON MARYLAND'S DIEBOLD VOTING SYSTEMS REVEALS SERIOUS SECURITY CONCERNS WERE WITHHELD FROM ELECTION BOARD, GOVERNOR, PUBLIC!

For the latest news and information about this charade being perpetrated on the American public, visit Bev Harris's website, Black Box Voting

Interested in learning more about all of this? You should be. Here is some suggested reading, courtesy of

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