"The Queen" is Majestic

Genres: Art/Foreign and Drama
Running Time: 1 hr. 43 min.
Release Date: September 30th, 2006 (NY)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language.
Distributors:Miramax Films

Directed by: Stephen Frears

JJ Rating: B+

The Royal Family wasn’t head over heels in love with Princess Diana like the world was. This movie shows a transition in that family after her death. It is not only something worth seeing it shows another way of thinking that people fail to see or realize when stating someone is unemotional during a tragic event.

The Queen presented a way of thinking that I had not thought of until seeing this movie. People don’t always react the same way as how one would expect. When this occurs there is usually a good reason as to why they don’t, and it’s a good idea to understand why it is they reacted the way they did. People think they know the right way to react to something and then fault someone for not following their exact reasoning so that it becomes silly. Everyone is not brought up the same and to think that someone of Royal standing would react similar to someone who is common is not thinking.

That does not mean that the Royal Family handled themselves with cool and collective and caring in mind. It would seem to be a cold calculating thinking that had them dig themselves into a hole in which they needed the help of Tony Blair to get out of. He was the hero of the day like mayor Giuliani was during 9/11. He was someone that stood up to take the reins of the dire situation and made it as smooth as possible.

The move was well done. It handled it without having to shove bias in there and make villains of anyone. The story didn’t talk about the children’s reaction. It mainly focused on the Queen, Tony Blair and Charles. It was a battle with how things would have been handled in the past with how things needed to be handled in the present. People forget that one has to alter with the times if one is to keep up with how things work. Things that worked in the past no longer work now because situations are different and things don’t stay the same to allow it to be handled like then.

I enjoyed how subtle the changes occurred through out the week with the Queen. I watched and could see how she was having an inner battle between what she is so use to doing and how things should be done today so that the people can feel comfort. She was refusing to change and wanted to stay the same but part of her realized that that wouldn’t be possible and fought for her to listen. That was what could be seen while she would stand there in silence and listen to her husband or Tony Blair or anyone else making a suggestion.

I feel more informed on how things went down during that time and I think that anyone else who sees it will also feel informed. It’s a historical event that will forever be remembered and it’s good that the movie shows it on an even playing field and allows the viewer to take what they want from it instead of forcing them to take it one way over another.

Helen Mirren does a fantastic job as the Queen. Awesome job with her subtle nature and the way she held herself. She presented the Queen strong. I think that she has a chance at an award for Best Actress. I haven’t seen too many movies that have had powerful actresses but that season has yet to come. So maybe she is first of many that are to come and entertain.

I enjoyed the movie, but it’s not a movie that I would find myself purchasing because it’s not the kind of movie I’d watch over and over again and enjoy. It’s a one time thing. I took away things that will help me better sharpen my perspective of people but that’s all I will ever take away. By the end of the movie I would have bowed before the Queen and not because I should, but because I wanted to.

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