Nicole Richie Working Hard to Proove She Wasn't in Rehab

Not too long ago, we informed you that according to the tabloids, Nicole Richie had checked into rehab. Nicole later showed just how silly that accusation was by collapsing at Hyde and being carried out the back door.

We quickly learned through her people that work their asses off to cover up such public faux pas, that she didn't collapse, and was instead ensuring in her own inexorable way that gravity still worked while sauced to the gills.

But apparently some of you just don't believe that she was not in rehab. Come on, people! What's a filthy rich, morbidly anorexic, patently alcoholic, 20-something celebrity-by-association have to do to get through to you people?

For further proof of the matter, celebrity vultures X17 brings us some useless video footage of a bunch of photographers yelling Paris' name as she walks with someone under a coat into and out of a club somewhere in the lower intestine of Hollywood.

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