NEWS FLASH: Ashlee Simpson leaves a nightclub!

Ya know, the more I look at the work of TMZ, the more I appreciate those guys for being able to turn a nothing happened paparazzi encounter into ground breaking news. At least in their own minds.

The latest victim to fall under the wheels of the TMZ media spin is Ashlee Simpson. You may remember her as that no-talent hack that was busted for lip-syncing live on stage on Saturday Night Live.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of guys with digital cameras and little to no social life, Simpson was spotted leaving (you guessed it) Hollywood hot spot Hyde the other night, when Simpson's driver decided that the best way to get the photogs to move out of the way would be to drive over them. And while I am totally fine with turning a few of these vultures into speedbumps on Hollywood blvd, the alleged event isn't nearly as exciting as the spin doctors would have you believe. But hey, anything to convince a few more people to go to the site and hopefully click on the ads, right?

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