NBC Stringing Along 30 Rock, Not Quite Ready to Commit

While the New York Press is happy to smooch Tina Fey's ass by calling "30 Rock", "the best new sitcom of the season," NBC however is taking a slightly more reserved approach.

We recently mentioned how NBC gave both Friday Night Lights and Studio 60 full rides for the rest of the season. A practice known in industry-speak as "picking up the back nine." However as TVGasm is reporting, when it comes to "30 Rock," NBC isn't quite ready to commit to a full run, instead agreeing to the series three episodes at a time.

After the November sweeps ends tomorrow, 30 Rock will be moved to Thursdays at 9pm. It is hoped that by sandwiching Rock between returning, mediocre comedy "Scrubs" and halfway-funny, American remake of British TV show "The Office", NBC will mark the return of "Must See Thursdays." However, we think it will probably just be known as "Watch if You Are Tired of Surfing the Net Thursdays"

Clearly, 30 Rock is foundering. According to Nielsen Media Research, last week's episode got a piss-poor 1.7 rating/5 share in the much sought-after 18-49 demographic (4.6 million total viewers). And the general population of television watchers are starting to agree that the show is really not all that funny. Which explains why NBC is reluctant to just hop into bed and pound away.

But since NBC doesn't have much in the way of things to replace the unfunny sitcom about an unfunny sketch comedy show, they are pretty much stuck with them anyway. Now that they've moved the show to Thursdays, Rock will probably get a healthy bump in the numbers, which will be enough for NBC to keep the show for the remainder of the season, but we're not betting anything that we will see the show return for next year.

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