NBC Says Smoking Will be Great for Ratings

While you begin to work off that tryptophan-induced food coma, we thought you might like to know that NBC is picking up the rights to produce a series based on the sleeper comedy "Thank You For Smoking"

Variety is reporting that original book writer Christopher Buckley will serve as a consulting producer while the film's producer David O. Sacks will take the E.P. lead. According to the Variety article, the producing team will come up with new and exciting ways to have their smooth-talking character strut his stuff:

Peacock version of "Smoking" is being developed as a single-camera laffer focusing on Nick Naylor, the superstar spin doctor who, as played by Aaron Eckhart in the movie, did PR for big tobacco. TV take will pick up where the feature left off, with Naylor running his own firm.

"The idea is that there's a never-ending array of clients he could have," Sacks told Daily Variety. "But it has to be something where Nick is on the wrong or unpopular side of things."

Because he couldn't possibly condone the use of smoking on network TV, expect Nick Naylor to instead be an advocate for censorship laws for television, prayer in schools and the Republican party.

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